Sometimes I plan a build, and sometime I just let something happen. This is the latter.

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About a year ago I built the Atmos Tractor, and then spent the next year building attachments, trailer, and other tractors. When I finished the Compact Loader to go with the Atmos, I started throwing some parts together, and quickly I had another idea: what about a little Telehandler to go with these two builds?

I am quite fond of LEGO 8382, and the influence is noticeable. I started with a simple four wheel steering setup, and used the new tires from LEGO 42122. Since the arch of the steering wheels is wide, finishing the steering first helped me fit the bodywork.

I tried a boom extension that used a worm gear and a rack, but each version that I tried, looked too big for this Telehandler. I wanted something that looked thin, and light, so I kept the function that was introduced in 8283. I placed a mini linear actuator under the boom, and tied the mounting all together. Both the lift and the extension are controlled by two gears on the back. The fork on the front is a simple design using a worm gear to tilt the forks.

The little Telehandler worked well enough. The steering is fun to play with, so driving it around brings a little smile. The lift works well, though its capacity could be a little better. The extension works smoothly, but can bind if you forget to move it when you are lifting the boom. I hope you enjoy, and take a little time to build one yourself.

Happy Building.

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