As the calendar reminds us another year comes to a close, it is time to reflect on what happened in Thirdwiggville. As I look back over the last couple of years, it is clear that little thirdwiggs are affecting what and how I am building. I am pleased with the builds I am able to accomplish amidst all the other life responsibilities. Let us look back at what happened this year. As a recap, here are the 2017 builds: Unimog U90, Mack Magma, Mini Mack Cabover, BMW R Nine E, Forest Fire Truck, Coast Guard Helicopter, Mercedes Benz Arocs, and The Toaster.

Some reflections on 2017:

First, I completed some of my goals from last year.

  • A Model Team airplane: Not completed
  • Another airplane: Not completed, but it was because I did a helicopter instead.
  • A motorcycle: Completed
  • A small truck (dump): Completed
  • A big truck (PF, rolloff): Not completed
  • A pickup truck (PF): Not completed
  • A Large GT car: Not completed
  • Something pneumatic: Not completed, but close to done.
  • Not listed as an official goal, but I did keep to one bricklink.com order per month.

Second, the U90 and Coast Guard Helicopter are two builds I very much enjoyed this year. They are both still build, and adorn my shelf at work.

This tells me my life maybe needs fewer goals. I am still finding time to build, but being a little more fluid in what I am working on may be a good change. In 2018 I will watch which direction my building goes, and see what happens.

With this in mind, here are a few goals for next year.

  • Something pneumatic.
  • A tractor
  • Something big and PF
  • A Car
  • A model team build

On to 2018!



Top 17 of 2017

So I am a little late this year, but welcome back to the fourth annual Thirdwiggy awards: the Top 17 of 2017. During 2017, the Board of Trustees of Thirdwigg.com have found and judged the 17 best LEGO Technic MOCs of 2017. As with any list, the challenge is not what to include, but what to leave out. If you are interested, check out 2016, 2015, and 2014.

As a reminder, the criteria:

Was the MOC something unique?

Did it contribute a new build technique to the community? Did we learn how to transmit movement in a new and unique way?

Was it something I found myself returning to frequently? I build at lot, and others inspire my builds. Did I see something this year that I incorporated right away?

Was is visually appeasing? It takes work to make a Technic MOC look good. Granted, this is subjective, but I think my eyes are generally consistent with the eyes of others.

Again, thanks for visiting. We will be watching 2018 for great new builds. OK, here we go.

17. F-18 

Starting off is this fun little F-18. It’s a little rough around the edges, but every time I looked at it, I smiled. Check out the landing gear and doors with its creative movement.

16. Truck Excavator

I was thrilled when this little truck popped up on Eurobricks during the spring. The blue and dark bluish grey work well together, and the truck is packed with features. The pneumatic arm has great articulation, and the steering and front engine a perfect exercise in good planning. Trucks like this are the best.

15. The Unrollable

Leave it to Eurobricks.com to have a fun Technic contest every year. TC12 did not disappoint, and we got this fun little design. The car is simple, functional, and unlike anything else I saw during the year. It takes a lot of work to build in such a way that suspension works on both sides of the vehicle, and seat rolls depending on the orientation, all while retaining roadway clearance.

14. Stalin Tank

The tanks by Tommy Styrvoky keep getting better. The Stalin tank this year, was another great build by him, but this one stood out for me. First, the bodywork was stunning. The shaping on the turret is complicated, and show the great level of detail. Second, the internal mechanics are are just what is needed, and a two speed transmission take it a step above. Also building in the scale with all the internal mechanics, suspension, and fake V-12 engine is no easy feat.

13. Volcano RS

I find building cars frustrating. I love designing the suspension, driveline, and steering, but when I get to the body work, I struggle with getting the my vision into parts. Charbel jumped on the scene last year with his great Porsche 919, and this supercar is a great follow-up. It has all the parts needed for a car, and the creative bodywork is creative and unique. I like modeling a real car, but creating your own is tricky and this is a great example.

12. Freightliner M2 112

This small little build was something I kept returning to this year. The truck has all the features you want and need, and the bodywork, while simple, conveys everything needed for the common M2.Dominique Roy was a new builder to me, and I am looking forward to seeing more of their builds.

11. 8×2 Crane Truck

Another small Eurobricks truck that I loved, and another one by Ivan Moc. Using some of the great technics from the Excavator, like the steering and coloring, this truck was a little cleaner to my eyes, and had a greater level of function. The crane was complex, and the pneumatics to move the arm are placed well with clean routing.

10. F4U Corsair

As a three time large airplane builder, I have a deep fondness to large LEGO warbirds. The Corsair is one we all know, so I was excited to see the build get finished. Lots of functioning goodness is included in the build, and the dark blue is beautiful. Also hard to get. I hope I see more of these builds in 2018.

9. Police Car

Pipaseyoyo is a frequent Thirdwiggy award winner, and for good reason. I very much liked the Military 8×8 made this year, but it was this little police car that struck my fancy. Building the bodywork of a car is always hard, and this one is done well, particularly the black and white body work. I also love the steering axle running behind and through the manual transmission. Also it has a spike strip. Perfect.

8. DB 11 

I really cannot believe Jeroen Ottens has not be featured here yet. This DB 11 is stunning and was fun watch the build progress on Eurobricks. Its complex transmission is incredible, and the bodywork is stunning. Its a beautiful model of a beautiful car.

7. Efferman Excavator

Like Ottens, Efferman is a well known and accomplished builder. He joins Thirdwiggy fame with this little excavator. As is common with Efferman, the functions are extensive, and the size is only as big as needed. I love the integration of the system parts as the bodywork is flawless.

6. Liebherr LR 11000

Just look at the pictures in the Flickr album. This is massive, stunning, complex, and fills me with awe. The detail is incredible; just look at that lifting hook. The mechanics are complex; just think about the planning it would take to run all those strings.

5. Sherpa

The Sherpa blew up the internet sometime last spring, and all the immediate LEGO recreations were only so so. I was thrilled when I saw this perfect build of the cute little truck later in the year. The use of portal axles was great, the driveline is an effective way use two motors to easily control skid steering, and it’s orange and black. I also love the gentle two way sloping of the roof.

4. AW169 Helicopter

I love a good helicopter, and this one is very well done. I am a big fan of Steph77’s work for the simplicity of the designs, the topics chosen, and for the execution. This one is no exception. I like the full control of the flight surfaces, and the controls on the side are a great idea. The bodywork turned out great. I would like to see an airplane now…

3. Unimog

Like a helicopter, I also love a good Unimog. I don’t see many in my home country, so the LEGO community has to fill this itch. First, I think Blue is my favorite LEGO color. Second, the mix of the Technic and system parts is perfectly integrated with one another. Third, the driveline has all the needed parts like steering, four wheel drive, and suspension, but also included pneumatically locking differentials. Finally, this is what the Claas tires were made for. I love it. Bring on more Unimogs!

2. F-14

Sometimes I wish Jeroen Ottens would post more photos or more comprehensive videos of his builds.  The F-14 was shown this year, and I was floored with the complexity, and the functions listed. I just would like to see a little more about how it was built to make everything work. Take some time looking at this MOC, it has so many functions. And the 9 year old in me, loves that it is the F-14. Next time can you add some Jolly Rogers markings?

1.Rugged Supercar H

This one deserves its own post, hence the win. Watching this project come together on Eurobricks for the better part of 2017 was a joy. The Rugged Supercar H wins this years Thirdwiggy award for two reasons: the process, and the result. First, watching the feedback that happened on Eurobricks, and the response given by Didumos69 and the implementation of the suggestions was precisely what the internet was created: sharing and collaborating on ideas. Second, the result was flawless. The car, while a little, lets call it “framey,” looks unlike any other car I have see in the last couple of years, and has all the functions needed, and then some. Working with some of the finest builders I know, the car was build, improved, and perfected by the eyes and minds of so many. I hope to see more of this kind of building, because the results are perfect. Keep leading people to improve your builds Didumos69, we are all better for it.