Building Instructions

Most building instructions have been posted on Complete part-lists for most MOCs may be found and downloaded there as well. Most instructions are photo sequence style, see here.

FREE: John Deere 6130R


FREE: 3T Sports Sedan

FREE: Claas Atos

FREE: Coast Guard Helicopter

FREE: Unimog 437

Unimog 437

FREE: T-55

FREE: Volvo FE Refuse

FREE: 9393 Update

9393 Harrow Furrow Lifted

FREE: K-Tec 1233

K-TEC 1233 Rear

FREE: Snowblower/Tractor

Snowblower Box

FREE: Typhoon Mk1B



MD600N Front

FREE: 8386 Updated

8386 Right


Air Racer Ground Front

FREE: Windrower


Cadillac ATS: $9 USD Buy Now Button


Cadillac ATS

FREE: Kenworth T47



Ready to take on any project.

FREE: Octan F1

Octan F1 Left

FREE: Silly Penguin


JCB 714: $5 USD Buy Now Button

JCB 714


Iveco XTR

FREE: 8081 RT

8081 RT Front

FREE: Spitfire MkIIa Professional PDF

Spitfire 3/4

MAN TGS: $5 USD  Buy Now Button

TGS Rear

FREE: Brouwer 1576 Sod Harvester



JCB 150T

CAT 573c Feller: $5 USD  Buy Now Button

Feller Main

Russian T-72: $5 USD  Buy Now Button


FREE: 6352 Technic

Cargomaster Lifting

FREE: Jagdpanther


FREE: Talon Track Car

Talon Track Car

FREE: Mini Skidder

FREE: Mini Feller

FREE: Kenworth T55

FREE: Mack Marble 5T

FREE: Rumble Bee

FREE: 4×4 8081

FREE: Unimog U406

FREE: Unimog U1700

FREE: P-51D Mustang


FREE: Focke-Wulf Fw-190

13 Responses to Building Instructions

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  3. unimog123 says:

    How are you able to make instructions for something that you already built a while ago? Do you just take it apart and make the instructions as you go? I’m actually considering making instructions for some of my more simple MOC’s.

  4. unimog123 says:

    How did you make these instructions if you made these MOC’s a while ago? Did you take them apart and make instructions along the way? I’m actually considering making instructions for my MOC’s as well, depending on how you do it. Thanks.

  5. unimog123 says:

    What do you mean by linear planning, do you have to take it apart in a specific configuration so you can reverse it and be able to build it from scratch again? Also have you found selling your instructions worth while (has it been successful)? Sorry about posting almost the same comment twice, I thought the first one didn’t upload. Thanks.

    • thirdwigg says:

      You need to plan in a way so those who are following the instructions can recreate the complex parts. Send me an email, and I’ll give you some more guidance. Selling some instructions has helped offset much of the time I spend recreating instructions.

  6. Alex says:

    there are no instructions for the windrower?

  7. Alex says:

    Okay thanks. I am a big fan of yours, so I cant wait to build it!

  8. Jesse Schroeder says:

    do you still have any stearing pieces from the 8081 set?
    I would like to buy some but cant seem to find them

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