About Me

Name:  Kyle

Birth:  1984

Residency:  Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Occupation:  Higher Education

Lego Participation:  In my last year of college I discovered Bricklink.com.  At the expense of paying off my student loans a little quicker, I starting finding what my childhood hobby had been missing.  I could now get want I wanted without having to purchase what I did not need.  This was the end of my “Dark Ages.”

About this same time, I discovered brickshelf.com.  It was because of the creations of others, that I got back into building myself.  I started with the supercars I had always wanted to make.  With the introduction of the Power Functions system, I soon spread to building trial trucks as the system made the possibility for great trucks much more feasible.  I have since diversified into various other creations, including large airplanes, construction equipment, and smaller brick based vehicles.  See my brickshelf.com folder for more information.

I am a writer for Bricktrucktrial.com, regular commentator on technic-bricks.com, designer on Rebrickable.com, contributor to Eurobricks.com, some work for TLG.  I also have a mocpages, youtube, and flickr account.

Email: thirdwigg@gmail.com

Significant Lego Purchases:  8880,  8110, 8386, 6524

Hobbies:  Cycling, Music, and a little gardening.

Significant Builders:  ATRX, Aro-Kal, Mad Physicist, Barman76, Nico71, Efferman, Grohl666, Vmlr8r, Cpt. Postma, GuiliuG, Coney

Also On:  Flickr, Mocpages, Youtube, Brickshelf, Bricklink, Rebrickable

Me and Raquel

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Justin Suttles says:

    I recently started back into legos and have fallen in love with the Technic. I was really drawn to the 8081 because it was a nice entry level one and had working parts. I found your MOC and bought the need pieces to make it 4×4 before the 8081 actually arrived. On your website, I see that you have motorized it. That is my dream for this kit. I know you verbally explained what gears and how to add them but I was wondering if you will do any detailed pictures. And if not, atleast the numbers for the gears and extra pieces. I look forward from hearing from you!

  2. wouzrulez says:

    hi kyle,

    I made your rumble bee last weekend, very cool. One question, the wheels on the front are these the 56908?


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