Top 14 of 2014

For the last couple of years I have done a recap of the year for my own creations. While this is a good way to reflect and to plan, it is also a little narcissistic. So to celebrate the MOCs of the community here the rundown of the Top 14 creations for 2014 as judged by Here is how I evaluated the MOCs:

Was the MOC something creative? Basically, was it something different than a red supercar, or a yellow truck/machine (even though there are a couple on the list)?

Did it contribute a new build technique to the community? Did we learn how to transmit movement in a new and unique way?

Was it something I found myself returning to frequently? I build at lot, and others inspire my builds. Did I see something this year that I incorporated right away?

Was is visually appeasing? It takes work to make a Technic MOC look good. Granted, this is subjective, but I think my eyes are generally consistent with the eyes of others.

Here we go.

14. TATRA 813

Madoca is well known in the community for his creative designs, compact functions, and accessible builds. As a lover of trial trucks, this build made me perk up. A classic truck, with all the functions needed, and a clean body. What else do you need? Instructions? Well those are available too.

Madoca TATRA 813

13. Custom 4×4 Pick-Up

This one came out a couple of weeks ago, but should be added to this list. TLG has done some great work in recent years adding a number of technic parts that are a color other than red or yellow. This has allowed for some colorful MOCs. This truck uses white to great effect, and the yellow as a highlight on the truck is great. Also, that blower is done in a tasteful way. I am looking forward to seeing more from Lucio.

Custom 4x4 Pickup

12. VW Bug/Bus

Another popular builder, Sheepo has created incredible works. What is attractive to me about this build is the amount of work needed to make two interchangeable cars. Granted, VW made this task more simple by creating the Bug and the Bus as fairly mechanically interchangeable, but still the work is great. And it’s the VW Bug, and the VW Bus. Who doesn’t like that?

Sheepo Bus Bug

11. Eurobricks Mini Contest

OK, this is not so much a MOC as a group of MOCs, so maybe I am cheating a little here. In addition to being a fiercely contested contest, this provided so many great ideas for small builds, tight solutions, and simple mechanics. I loved this build, and this build, and this build, and on and on. It forced me to build in a completely different way. I will be using great ideas from this contest over and over again. Eurobricks, keep it up, these are the things the make the community better.


10. Tiger

The community has a lot to owe Sariel; books, many MOCs, publishing tutorials, online tools and more. While everything he does is well done, only some of his MOC truly blow me away. I have a thing for WWII German tanks, and adding all the functions together takes a skilled builder. But what sets this MOC above of his others for me was the attention to detail on the bodywork. Look at that turret. How about those cooling fans? A Fabuland shovel !?! These are the kind of builds that make him great. Now I’m waiting for that promised Mustang to show up my Spitfire and Typhoon. Your move Pawel.


9. Hertz Rental Truck

I noticed Marat‘s creations last year, and I had the pleasure to meet him at Brickworld. At Brickworld he walked me though the build, the challenges he experienced, and the features of the MOC. Everything works seamlessly, all the features you would expect are there, and the build is truely stunning to behold. Seeing this picture makes me think I’m back in Chicago.

Marat Penske

8. Impreza WRX

If you have not heard of Pipasseyoyo, stop living under a rock. First, it is a Supercar, and everyone like one of those. Second, it is not red. Third, the suspension is truly unique. Four, and this is what sets it over the top for me, try to find a part of this build that is parallel to the “LEGO Cube.” Not one part of the body is parallel to the X, Y, or Z axis. Everything is set off some axis; some at two; that part under the headlights is at three. Look at how those doors are canted upward. Look at that D pillar. How do you come up with that? Fascinating.


7. Saxo WRC

Beside being one of the more fun LEGO videos of 2014, this MOC portrayed a new approach to suspension design. The rear suspension lacks a differential, but manages to have a fully independent setup on the rear driven axle. All between 15 studs of width. In the increasingly motorized Technic community, this MOC prioritizes propulsion rather than appropriate wheel speed. You will notice the lack of a differential if you are wheeling your run of the mill 8081 on your house carpet, but if you want to make a small car run the trails outside your house with a buggy motor this is your setup. I liked it so much I used it once, and plan to use it again. It’s an amazing design. Try it for yourself.


6. Arado 196

I frequent the French Forum frequently, and I’m happy I do. I catch great little builds like this. They seem to have a number of great airplanes that pop up frequently. It is hard to do an airplane build well, so when I see one that turns out great, I am stunned. This plane has working control surfaces, and working small bore radial, and is built in a moduler way. The yellow on this plane works great, and the working canopy screams well thought out design.


5. TATRA 813

ATRX is one of my favorite builders. So many of my trucks have been built in response to a new technique he has developed. This led to this. This MOC is on this list, not because it is a TATRA, but because this is the first trial truck I have seen with a driveline build entirely of gears. Every component of the driveline is mounted laterally, from the twin XL motors, to the 3 speed transmission, to all four drive axles. It’s not as pretty as Madoca’s, but the unorthodox driveline give it a higher ranking.


4. Volvo FM 340 Refuse Truck

Another late addition; this one was added a few hours before this post, as I was sure it would not be finished before the end of 2014. This is what a Technic MOC should be. It has lots of functions, Power Functions, pneumatics, and a beautiful exterior. Another great entry from Lugpol. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a garbage truck.

Volvo FM340

3. Jeep Lower 40

I waited about three weeks watching Viktor post teasers of the MOC before it was revealed at Brickcon. I think it even made angry remarks about not showing the full model (Sorry Viktor). But it was worth the wait. While the driveline is basic and effective, it was the stunning body work that I enjoyed so much. True, not many creative or unique techniques are used, but that what make LEGO so interesting. Great design has been accomplished by both simple and complicated techniques used to an appropriate amount. It takes a talented builder to know what is needed for a build. Well done Viktor. We look forward to more builds.

Lower 40

2. McLaren MP-4

From simple techniques to complicated techniques. I said I was not going to post a red supercar, but it is the complicated details that add this car to the list. I watched this develop over some time on flickr, and with each update, I was stunned by the level of detail added, and smart use of simple parts. The engine was detailed, the transmission was stellar, the modularity was aggressive, and the bodywork identified the car immediately. If you are going to do a supercar, this is how you do it.


1. JCB 320T

This might anger some people out there, but my favorite build of the year was another MOC from Pipasseyoyo, and a loader at that. Maybe I like this one because I have been working on an arm for a JCB 32o for a couple months now. Maybe because I have a thing for tracked skid steers. Or maybe I like so much of what Pipasseyoyo is making these days. I found myself going back to this model more than any other MOC in 2014. The arm is robust, the tracks move at just the right speed, and the range of motion for the bucket is perfect. A great video helps us see what the Loader can do, and the pictures look great.

Congratulations Pipasseyoyo, your JCB 320 wins the 2014 Thirdwiggy Trophy.


I cannot include everything that was awesome this year; there are other better venues for that. I will say, I am watching with interest the development that has taken place with Tommy Styrvoky, and I am a sucker for a good Unimog. Also maybe next year, Pipasseyoyo will have a third or fourth on this list.


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